Our GCSE science experts answer your questions

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Our Head of Curriculum for Science – Julian Clarke – shares his expertise to answer the questions you’ve been asking us this month.

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In March 2018, you asked us...

Are there plans to add additional questions to this year’s end of year 10 science tests?

We’ve listened to your feedback on last year’s end of year 10 science tests and are busy extending them to cover more of the specification.

Have a look at what we’re changing from the 2017 tests:

  • papers will now be one hour in length and be worth 60 marks
  • increased percentage of marks at grade 4–5 (common marks)
  • available for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, covering content that is common to the separate sciences and Combined Science
  • covering some extra topics: Bioenergetics (Biology), Energy changes (Chemistry), Atomic structure (Physics).

There will also be increased focus on questions students appear to be struggling with such as:

  • application in unfamiliar contexts
  • extended response
  • practicals.

Available at Foundation and Higher Tier, these free and password-protected tests will be available from 23 April on our Secure Key Materials (e-AQA).

Learn how our tests work

To help you get the most out of our end of Year 10 science tests, we’ll also have an on demand webinar available on 23 April.

Free results analysis tool

The MERiT analyser tool will be available through Exampro mid-May, so you’ll be able to analyse your students’ performance.