Specification at a glance

This is the only specification available from AQA in this subject area, although aspects of PSHEE are also included in AQA's qualifications in Preparation for Working Life.

Five levels of qualifications are available: Entry 1 (Application), Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2.

Two sizes of qualification are available at each level: Award and Certificate.

Teacher-devised Assessment Tasks

Students must submit evidence for any four units for an Award and any seven units for a Certificate. Each unit is available at each of the five levels.

Unit 1: Personal Action Planning

Unit 2: Drugs Education

Unit 3: Sex and Relationship Education

Unit 4: Personal Finance

Unit 5: Emotional Wellbeing

Unit 6: Healthy Lifestyles

Unit 7: Making Informed Career Choices

Unit 8: Applying for Jobs and Courses

Unit 9: Relationships, Behaviour and Practices in the Workplace

Unit 10: Personal Safety

Unit 11: Being a Critical Consumer

Unit 12: Introduction to Diversity, Prejudice and Discrimination


(4 units = 8 credits)


(7 units = 14 credits)

Entry 1 Award

Entry 2 Award

Entry 3 Award

Level 1 Award

Level 2 Award

Entry 1 Certificate

Entry 2 Certificate

Entry 3 Certificate

Level 1 Certificate

Level 2 Certificate

All units are equally weighted.