2022 exam changes

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2022 exam changes

Find everything you need to know about assessment in 2022, from subject changes to information on grading, results days and contingency arrangements.

Advance information

To help students revise, we’ve published advance information about the focus of exams for most subjects at GCSE, AS and A-level.

Advance information is one part of the package of changes for 2022. For some qualifications we’ve introduced other changes, such as optionality, changes to non-exam assessment (NEA) and fieldwork requirements, and providing equation sheets in exams.

Use our dropdown below to find the advance information (and other changes) for your subject.

Find changes for your subject

For more details, read the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) guidance for teachers and students on the use of advance information for 2022.

You can also read our summary and guidance on advance information.

Grading in the summer 2022 exam series

Ofqual has also confirmed its plans for grading standards for the summer 2022 exam series.

In a blog they explain their plan for a fair and gradual return to pre-pandemic grading standards.

  • Summer 2022 will be a transition year to reflect that we’re in a pandemic recovery period. There will be more generous grading of exams this year compared to a normal exam year.
  • In 2023, Ofqual will aim to return to results that are in line with those in pre-pandemic years.

Read the Ofqual blog in full.

Results days in 2022

Summer 2022 results days will be one week apart as usual.

  • Thursday 18 August – AS, A-levels and similar VTQs
  • Thursday 25 August – GCSEs and similar VTQs

Contingency arrangements

We hope exams will be able to go ahead as planned this summer. But in case they can't, Ofqual and the DfE have confirmed the contingency arrangements for summer 2022 GCSE, AS and A-level exams.

These arrangements include using grades provided by schools and colleges for GCSEs, AS and A-levels.

Ofqual has published detailed guidance on these contingency arrangements, as well as publishing open letters to schools, students and private candidates. The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has also published some frequently asked questions.

In addition, the DfE has published separate guidance on the contingency plans for VTQs.

These changes are for 2022 only.

Qualifications with no changes for 2022

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Project
  • Extended Project (EPQ)
  • ELC Step up to English
  • ELC Maths
  • Functional Skills English
  • Functional Skills Maths

Latest updates

More news


  • DfE and Ofqual have announced subject content and assessment arrangements for summer 2023
  • Advance information has now been published for all subject specifications that it applies to in summer 2022
  • DfE and Ofqual contingency arrangements have been published for GCSEs, AS and A-levels in 2022

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