Our international qualifications

Through our international work, we aim to help students and teachers around the world reach their potential and progress to the next stage of their educational ambitions.

Our joint venture with Oxford University Press, Oxford International AQA Examinations offers a range of international GCSEs and A-levels specifically designed for international curriculum schools outside the UK.

Oxford International AQA Examinations

In May 2015, we joined forces with Oxford University Press to create a joint venture called Oxford International AQA Examinations (Oxford AQA Exams).

This new venture provides international curriculum schools outside the UK with greater choice by offering a new generation of international qualifications aligned to the latest UK standards. Our internationally-recognised GCSEs and A-levels are specifically tailored to the needs of students studying outside the UK and feature specifications and assessments that are relevant to students wherever they live.

To accompany them, we’ve developed a range of resources for each specification. For science and maths this includes Exampro – a tool for customising assessments with an average of 820 questions per subject.

These new international qualifications are recognised by outstanding higher education institutions such as the California Institute of Technology, and the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Michigan and Edinburgh.

They’re benchmarked by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) as being comparable to the GCSEs and A-levels taken in England.