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Exploring the impact of the 2013 Unlocking Potential programme

By Victoria Spalding


20 disadvantaged young people took part in the 2013 Unlocking Potential programme. The programme teams the young person with an athlete mentor who helps them deliver a social action project. The programme aims to improve the young people’s confidence, develop important life skills and raise their aspirations for the future.

This paper explores the impact of the programme on the young people involved via a longitudinal qualitative method. The feedback on the programme was overwhelmingly positive and all the young people interviewed felt that they had gained in confidence, self-belief, motivation and organisational skills as a result of the programme.

The young people entered the programme with high aspirations for the future. These aspirations remained unchanged throughout the programme; however, some young people did report that they had greater optimism for the future. Unfortunately, over half of the young people taking part in Unlocking Potential declined from the last round of interviews so it is not known if they had a different experience.

How to cite

Spalding, V. (2014). Exploring the impact of the 2013 Unlocking Potential programme. Manchester: AQA Centre for Education Research and Practice. 


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