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Extended project evaluation (cohort 1): Student information

By Anne Pinot de Moira


Summer 2007 heralded certification of the first cohort of students entered for the pilot Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). As part of the pilot evaluation, entry data has been combined with grade outcomes and, where available, project proposal information, to provide a deeper insight into the EPQ. Furthermore, student questionnaires were sent to the EPQ coordinators for each of the nine centres with registered entries.

The coordinators were asked to administer their distribution and subsequent return to AQA. Time constraints meant that the timing of the questionnaire dispatch was not optimal and seven of the nine centres failed to respond. However, the response rate within the centres that did return questionnaires was over 75% and pleasingly responses were even received from students who failed to submit a final EP.

Because of the low number of responses, analysis of the questionnaire data has been largely limited to that which will aid refinement of the instrument with a view to a more comprehensive dispatch for the second and third pilot cohorts. A copy of the questionnaire is included in Appendix A but there is only a little further discussion of the responses in this report. The main focus of the report is on entry patterns, concurrent areas of study, project formats and grade outcomes.

How to cite

Pinot de Moira, A. (2007). Extended project evaluation (cohort 1): Student information, Manchester: AQA Centre for Educaiton Research and Policy.


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