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A feasibility study on anonymised marking in large-scale public examinations

By Jo-Anne Baird, Neil Bridle


Names of centres were removed from summer 2000 GCSE and A level examiners’ stationery as part of a Department for Education and Employment initiative. Awarding bodies expressed concern about the possibility of mis-matching candidates to their examination work if candidates names were not visible on the examination script.

A pilot study on anonymised marking was conducted in the summer 2000 AQA (SEG) GCSE English (2400PF) foundation tier examination.

The purpose of this study was primarily to investigate whether administrative errors would occur due to the concealing of candidates’ names.

For two written response question papers, candidates used examination booklets on which they wrote their name in the top right hand corner and then concealed it from the examiner by folding and sticking the corner down. Over 34 000 candidates (68 000 scripts) were included in the study.

How to cite

Baird, J-A. & Bridle, N. (2000). A feasibility study on anonymised marking in large-scale public examinations, Manchester: AQA Centre for Education Research and Policy.


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