Attainment 8 video transcript

Attainment 8 is one of the Department for Education's key performance table measures and is used to assess your School’s performance at GCSE. It is based on your students' performance across eight key subjects. These subjects fit into three groups. English and Maths are the first group and are double weighted meaning they are counted twice. However, for English to be double weighted both language and literature must be taken with a higher score achieved counting in this group. The lower of the English scores can then be used in the open group.

The next three scores come from Ebacc subjects and the highest scores are counted. If a student only takes one Ebacc subject then they score zero in the other two slots then three highest points scores are taken from the open group which can include GCSE's and other approved academic arts of vocational qualifications. After adding these scores together you divide by ten to get an average grade. Schools need to ensure they are offering students a broad and balanced curriculum to achieve strong attainment 8 results. For more helpful information on the new GCSEs and A-levels register for email updates.