Availability of other qualifications

In our planning for our future GCSEs and A-levels as part of government reforms, we have carefully considered all our qualifications against a number of factors to decide whether or not to continue with them or develop new ones.

We have decided not to continue with the following qualifications:

  • EL Functional Skills English
  • EL Functional Skills ICT
  • EL Functional Skills Mathematics
  • ELC Adult Literacy
  • ELC Adult Numeracy
  • ELC Art & Design
  • ELC Chinese
  • ELC Design & Technology
  • ELC French
  • ELC Geography
  • ELC German
  • ELC History
  • ELC Home Economics: Child Development
  • ELC Italian
  • ELC Physical Education
  • ELC Preparation for Working Life
  • ELC Religious Studies
  • ELC Spanish
  • FCSE Italian
  • Functional Skills ICT
  • L1/2 Cert Enterprise & Employability
  • L1/2 Cert Use of Maths & L1/2 FSMQs
  • L1/2 Cert Engineering & Computer Apps
  • L1/2 Cert Engineering & Innovation

We will continue to do our best to respond to the needs of you and your students, adapting our qualifications and creating new ones to ensure that we remain attuned to those needs. For example, we are redeveloping our ELCs in English and Maths for first teaching in 2015, and we are planning to redevelop ELC Science for first teaching in September 2016, as these qualifications support progression to our new GCSEs.

We also know there is a need for both on-demand and series qualifications and certificates so we have developed better alternatives, for example our Unit Award Scheme and our new foundation and entry level offerings. The Unit Award Scheme, is an excellent alternative to ELCs and provides a flexible way to recognise achievement, particularly for those with differing ability levels. It allows teachers to tailor their approach to reflect the needs of their students. Find out more about our Unit Award Scheme.

Level 1/2 Certificates (IGCSE*)

All new GCSEs need to be accredited by Ofqual and meet the requirements set out by both the DfE and Ofqual.

As we want our new generation of GCSEs to be the best they can be, they are being developed in collaboration with academics, leading teachers and other subject experts. They will also benefit from the latest research by the assessment experts at our Centre for Education Research and Practice (CERP) and we are confident they will be equal to the best qualifications available internationally.

Since we believe that our new GCSEs will be the best available, world-class qualifications, we will not continue with our IGCSEs when the new GCSEs are introduced.

Our Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics is complementary to our new Mathematics GCSE, so we do intend to continue offering this qualification.

*IGCSE is the registered trade mark of University of Cambridge International Examinations.