Resits: outgoing GCSEs, AS and A-levels

Information about final resit opportunities for outgoing GCSE, AS and A-level qualifications.

No more resits for outgoing GCSEs

  • There are no further resit opportunities for outgoing GCSEs. From 1 August 2018, students can only take the new 9 to 1 qualifications.
  • See the latest version of the exam series guide on our Make entries page to see what’s available when.

AS and A-levels

Any student can resit any outgoing AS or A-level, as long as they've taken the exam before or have a good reason why they didn't take it originally (such as illness). This includes students who took AS or A-levels with another exam board, if we offer a resit in the relevant qualification. In this case, students need to resit the entire qualification, as results from assessments taken with other exam boards can’t be transferred.

Check the latest version of the entry codes book on our Make entries page to see what's available when.


Ofqual understand that there are likely to be some exceptions to these requirements, and schools and colleges should continue with their current entry patterns, such as students taking AS over two years. If you feel that you have students who'd be disadvantaged by Ofqual's expectations and would like some advice, please contact Customer Services.