Child Protection Policy

Within its examination and assessment activities, AQA has no primary and direct responsibility for children and young persons, but AQA examiners, moderators and staff may be involved in observing the behaviour of young people, reading their assessed work or deciding on suitable texts for study and performance.

AQA's overall policy in relation to child protection is summarised here, referring to the detailed guidelines applicable to specific situations. Following the adoption of this policy some adjustments have been made to our operational guidelines, and the policy will be kept under review by appropriate members of the Senior Management Team.

Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policy


AQA's commitment to applying the highest standards in safeguarding children and young persons is demonstrated and implemented through policies and operational guidelines which are specific to particular contexts; these are:

  • guidance for examiners who visit schools and colleges for assessment purposes - see our code of behaviour
  • guidance for examiners and staff who might identify concerns regarding the well-being and safety of children and young persons from reading their assessed work
  • guidance for staff and examiners who are involved in the specification of texts for study, performance and publication
  • guidance for all staff and examiners detailing how to raise any matters of concern relating to child protection, including any concerns about AQA's actions
  • guidance for all staff involved in research where children and young persons are the subject of the research.

The Director of Operations Division (OD) has a co-ordinating role in relation to Child Protection, working with the Chief Executive and Executive Team in order to:

  • ensure provision of appropriate training
  • review policies and procedures relevant to this area ensure that concerns raised about child protection are appropriately recorded, stored and shared
  • monitor the outcomes of all issues of concern that may have been raised by staff and examiners
  • ensure appropriate inter-relationships between child protection investigations and disciplinary and grievance procedures.

In developing its policies and procedures in this area, AQA will seek to become a member of any appropriate Child Protection Committee, in order to have direct involvement with a forum which deals with matters of policy and practice.