AQA's code of behaviour

You can expect us to behave professionally and appropriately when we, or anyone representing us, visit your school or college. 

The AQA Code of Behaviour sets out the acceptable standards of behaviour for anyone visiting schools and colleges.

Openness and transparency

  • When communicating with a child or vulnerable person, including during telephone conversations, work in an open, observed situation, maintaining an appropriate distance physically and professionally.
  • The interests of each child or vulnerable person must be put first; all must be treated equally and with dignity and respect.
  • Be aware at all times of the effects and consequences that your words and actions might have, and the construction that might be placed on them.
  • All contact must be arranged within the normal working day of the institution concerned.
  • This policy should be brought to the attention of all engaged and contracted to work with, for or on behalf of AQA.


  • Situations in which you are left alone with a child or vulnerable adult.
  • Acting in any way that might make a vulnerable person uncomfortable.
  • Going beyond the remit of the assessment task; being drawn into personal conversations.
  • Meeting or engaging in any form of contact that is not on official premises or outside of business hours.
  • Any physical contact.
  • Any use of inappropriate language, any toleration of inappropriate language uttered by any party in the presence of or by vulnerable persons.
  • Exchanging personal contact information.
  • Allowing any allegation concerning child or vulnerable adult welfare to go unreported.
  • Ever promising that information shared by a child or vulnerable adult will be kept confidential.

These standards are line with JCQCIC's (Joint Council for QualificationsCIC) principles of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

If you have any feedback or are ever concerned that this code is not being complied with, please contact Russell Spencer, AQA's Child Safeguarding Officer, on or 0161 455 5424.