Certificate replacements and amendments for exam centres

Information for schools and colleges on replacing or amending students' exam certificates.

If you're an individual looking to replace, verify or amend your own past certificates, please see this page instead.

Missing certificates

If a student’s certificate is missing from the certificates you receive from us, please check that you've entered an award code for the student. Our entries pages explain this process.

If that isn’t the reason for the missing certificate, email results@aqa.org.uk with details of the missing certificate.

Correcting certificates

If a student's grade has changed since their certificate was printed, you can get a corrected version for free if you send back the original certificate. For all other changes there's a fee of £43 per student.

The school or college must return the certificate. Use recorded delivery to send the incorrect certificate and details of the correction to:

AQA Results
Devas Street
M15 6EX.

You should receive the corrected certificate within 20 working days.

Requesting early certificates

If you need certificates for the June 2019 exam series earlier than the standard date (by 7 November 2019), please complete our application form and send it to results@aqa.org.uk by 10 June 2019.

Early certificates are available from Monday 9 September 2019.