School performance tutorial video transcript – Martin Hanney

Martin Hanney transcript

00:08 My name is Martin Hanney and I am a relationship manager at AQA. In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how Heads of Centre can use Enhanced Results Analysis to gain a high level view of how their school or college performed in the most recent exam series.

00:23 Using Enhanced Results Analysis, you’ll be able to see a summary of the grades for your school and identify how many students received marks within certain grade boundaries. You’ll also be able to compare your results to those of previous years, the AQA national average and the average for similar schools or colleges, based on funding and governance.

00:43 Here are the things to do:

00:45 To find an overview of all subjects, first select ‘grades overview’, then enter the qualification level and exam series into the search boxes. For subject group, select all.

00:57 Alternatively, to find data for specific subjects: perform the same search – this time entering your chosen subject into the ‘subject group’ search box.

01:07 For example, if you wanted to gauge how the History department performed, you’d first enter ‘History’ into the ‘subject group search box.

01:15 Here you can see that 47% of students achieved a grade between A* and A and 99% of students achieved A*-G. Both of these results are significantly higher than both the school and national average.

01:34 Using Enhanced Results Analysis to gain an overview of the performance of your entire centre will allow you to pinpoint success areas.