Student performance tutorial video transcript – Lisa Padmore

Lisa Padmore transcript

My name is Lisa Padmore  and I am an English teacher at Benton Park School. At the start of term, I use AQA’s Enhanced Results Analysis tool to gain a better understanding of how my students performed in the most recent exam series and how this can inform my teaching for the coming year.

As well as analysing student performance , I use Enhanced Results Analysis to identify potential model answers to use in the classroom. Using the tool, I can see which of my students performed at the highest level, on which questions they received the highest marks and which answers should be suitable examples.

I can then  easily pinpoint which student scripts I would like to be returned by AQA. As the scripts are returned with commentary, they can be used as is, alongside the examiner report to identify what went well and the lessons that can be learned. I can also identify and request scripts at the lower levels to glean lessons from these.


Here  are the steps I take:

If searching across  all of my students, I first select ‘marks analysis’ and, in the search box, select the qualification level, exam series and my subject group.

From here  I can select ‘view components’ to identify individual units, in my case, Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Finally,  I select ‘view questions’ and am able to see a question by question breakdown. This allows me to ‘view marks’ achieved by individual students on each question and gain a picture of my class performance as a whole.


If I want more information  on a specific student, I click on ‘students’ results’ on the start menu and use the search function to identify my student directly – by entering candidate number and name.


Enhanced Results Analysis  allows me to download all of these results, by clicking on the download tab. This means I can also perform my own analysis and amalgamate this year’s data with the data of previous years.

I am able  to gain a comprehensive view of student performance, present this to the Head of my Department and form a plan for the coming year.