Autumn 2020 results

A message from our Chief Operating Officer

This extraordinary autumn exam series was for those students who either couldn’t receive a grade this summer or wanted to improve their grades.

We’ve made sure that students who sat their exams this autumn were treated as fairly as possible, relative to students who sat their exams last summer and with the same level of generosity.

So, if you’re receiving results today, we hope that you’ve got the results that you hoped for and can now move on to the next stage of your lives whatever that might be.

And finally, a really big thank you to all teachers, exams officers and everyone else who has gone above and beyond to make these exams happen in what have been, and continue to be extremely challenging times.

Mark Bedlow, Chief Operating Officer

This results day

Find information about results in autumn 2020, and what you can do if you're unhappy with your results.

Results days for the autumn 2020 series

All other GCSE subjects, 11 February, 2021

Grade boundaries standards, NEA and results overall

To be as fair as we can to students who have taken exams in autumn, all exam boards have worked with Ofqual to carry forward the generosity from summer 2020 grades.

Grade boundaries aren’t easily comparable to previous series. Ofqual confirmed that, for autumn 2020, grades are based on exam performance alone, with no non-exam assessment (NEA).

The only exception to this is Art and Design, where there was still NEA.

View autumn 2020 grade boundaries

Announcements from Ofqual about autumn results

GCSE – all other subjects

GCSE – English and Mathematics

AS and A-level

Results statistics different this series

Results statistics for students who took exams in the autumn 2020 series can't easily be compared with previous series. The actual cumulative percentage outcomes at each grade are likely to be different compared to other years as the entries were much fewer.

View autumn 2020 results statistics

Single certificate with higher results

Centres will receive students’ certificates for the autumn series by Friday 26 March 2021. This will be in addition to the certificate students received for the summer series, issued in November 2020.

If a student would like a single certificate showing their higher results for each subject from either series, centres can request this from us until Friday 28 May, 2021. Students must contact their school or college if they would like a single certificate.

Learn more about single certificates

Enhanced Results Analysis

Results will be available on Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA) as usual. However, if the exam isn’t usually offered in an autumn series, no comparable data will be available.

Reports on the exam only for 100 or more candidates

For this autumn series only, reports on the exam are published for all components where there were 100 or more students for the assessment. The reports may look a little different from normal because of the smaller entries and the unusual circumstances, but we’ve provided as much information as we can.

Go to SKM in e-AQA to find reports

What you can do about your results

We know that some students may be unhappy with the results they receive. If you’re unhappy with your results, please contact your school or college if you’d like to request a review or any other post-results service.

If you’re a private candidate and unhappy with your results, you can contact the school where you did your exams, or contact us directly.

Read about post-results services

Access support on results day

Each of us responds differently to important life events, like receiving results. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, there’s lots of free information and support if you need it.

Who you may want to contact next

If you need further information or support about results, you can contact us.