Centre declaration sheets

Centre declaration sheet  
For most of our qualifications Microsoft Word filePDF file
Project qualifications Microsoft Word filePDF file
NEA, fieldwork and live performance centre declaration form  
Applies to the following specifications for the June 2020 exam series:
  • GCSE English Language (8700)
  • GCSE Biology (8461), Chemistry (8462), Physics (8463) and Combined Science Synergy (8465) and Trilogy (8464)
  • GCSE Citizenship Studies (8100)
  • GCSE Geography (8035)
  • GCSE, AS and A-level Drama (8261, 7261, 7262)
  • AS and A-level Environmental Science (7446, 7447)
  • AS and A-level Geography (7036, 7037)
  • A-level Biology (7402), Chemistry (7405) and Physics (7408)
Microsoft Word file
PDF file 
For GCSE English Language (8700) in the November 2019 exam series only Microsoft Word filePDF file
Performance duration declaration form  
GCSE Dance (8236) Microsoft Word file 
GCSE Drama (8261) Microsoft Word file 
GCSE Music (8271) Microsoft Word file 
AS Drama and Theatre (7261) Microsoft Word file 
A-level Drama and Theatre (7262) Microsoft Word file 
Programming project declaration  
For GCSE Computer Science (8520) only Microsoft Word filePDF file