OxfordAQA International GCSE Plus Endorsements

Guidance on choosing student samples for moderation in this component.

Our Centre Marks Submission system on e-AQA (e-Subs) does not automatically select student samples for this component. You must select your own sample of students from across all the GCSE Plus subjects your school/college has entered, and send their work to the allocated moderator.

  • Biology (9201/E)
  • Business (9225/E)
  • Chemistry (9202/E)
  • Combined Science (9204/E)
  • Computer Science (9210/E)
  • English Literature (9275/E)
  • English as a Second Language (9280/E)
  • Geography (9230/E)
  • Mathematics (9260/E)
  • Physics (9203/E)

Sample size

The maximum sample size is 15 from across all the subjects, with a minimum of 5 students at each of the following grades: Distinction (D), Merit (M) and Pass (P).

You should only submit D, M and P grades. Don’t include Unclassified (U) or Absent students.

Your sample must include at least one student from each subject your school/college has entered.

15 students or fewer

If you have 15 students or fewer (excluding Unclassified and Absent), you should submit all of your students’ work.


If you submit a total of 14 grades made up of 7 Distinction grades, 6 Merit grades and 1 Pass grade, irrespective of the subject you would include all of these grades in your sample for moderation.

Fewer than 5 students at Distinction, Merit or Pass

If you have fewer than 5 students with a Distinction, Merit or Pass grade, submit all the work you have at that particular grade. Include additional work at a different grade to make the total sample up to 15 students.


  • If you submit a total of 41 grades made up of 1 Pass grade for Biology, 19 Merit grades for Biology and 20 Merit grades for Chemistry, you would include the single Pass grade and 14 Merit grades in your sample. The Merit grades must include at least 1 Chemistry student.
  • If you submit 33 Distinction and 28 Merit grades for Maths, 41 Distinction and 45 Merit grades for Business, and no Pass grades, you would include between 5 and 10 Distinction grades and between 5 and 10 Merit grades with at least one Maths and at least one Business student in your sample. The numbers of each are up to you, as long as you include a minimum of 5 students at each grade, at least one per subject and the total sample adds up to 15.

Parental interest

This status is used to indicate that a candidate’s work has been assessed by a teacher/assessor who has a personal interest in the candidate.

If you've assigned any of your candidates a 'parental interest' status on e-Submissions, then you must send their work in addition to the sample above.