OxfordAQA International Independent Project Qualification (IPQ) (9693)

Guidance on choosing student samples for moderation in this component.

Our Centre Marks Submission system on e-AQA (e-Subs) does not automatically select student samples for this component. Depending on the number of candidates you have, you either send all your students’ projects to the allocated moderator or your moderator will contact you with details of the projects you need to send.

Sample size

The maximum sample size is 15.

15 students or fewer

If you have 15 students or fewer (excluding Unclassified and Absent) you should submit all of your students’ projects.

16 students or more

If you have 16 students or more (excluding Unclassified and Absent) your moderator will contact you shortly after you’ve submitted your grades with details of the sample they require.

Parental interest

This status is used to indicate that a candidate’s work has been assessed by a teacher/assessor who has a personal interest in the candidate.

If you've assigned any of your candidates a 'parental interest' status on e-Submissions, then you must send their work in addition to the sample above.