Check, change or withdraw entries

Check entries with Centre Services, final checks to make ahead of results day, and how to change or withdraw entries.

Check entries

Whether you submitted through EDI or Centre Services, you can use Centre Services to view and check your entries.

You can also:

  • see the total number of students entered for each entry code
  • print or save lists of all students and their entries for a series, subject, option, component
  • print attendance records
  • print or save any entry query reports and check your entry and amendment submissions.

Final checks ahead of results day

We want to work with you to resolve any problems, to make sure every student gets their results on the day. Please check and fix the below up to 14 days before results day – we can't change or withdraw entries after then.

  1. Deal with any warning reports we've sent you.
  2. Make sure you've made a separate entry, using the appropriate entry code, for every assessment (each award, and each unit or option) that you want a result for. GCSEs are now linear so students must do all the assessment at the end of the course. There are no resits for individual units, so make sure you've entered each student for all the units and the award code.
  3. If you're a state-funded school or college in England, check that every student has a valid Unique Learner Number (ULN) – so we upload their results to their Personal Learning Record (PLR)
  4. Check that every student has their own UCI number or they won't receive a grade.
  5. On exam day, adding a student to the attendance register won't update their entry. You need to change their entry instead (see the section below).
  6. If a student sits an exam without their entry being submitted, make sure you make the entry within 48 hours afterwards. Otherwise this will become a 'pirate entry'.

Change entries

Use your original entry method (either EDI or Centre Services) to amend a student's details. It's free to make changes before the last date for late entries or amendments – after that, there's a fee.

  • With EDI, send us the complete records for all students who have changes. We'll compare the records and make the changes.
  • With Centre Services, you can keep saving changes until you're ready to confirm them. Selecting 'submit' and 'confirm' will send us an amendment file containing all your changes.

Withdraw entries

Use your original entry method (EDI or Centre Services) to withdraw a student. We will only refund your entry fee up to a certain date.