Autumn 2021 exams: unavailable GCSE qualifications and modules

Wednesday 20 Oct 2021

Earlier this month we emailed schools and colleges and published a news message to let you know that any qualifications which have no entries by the entry deadlines, will not be available this autumn.

Now that the GCSE entry deadline (4 October 2021) has passed and we’ve processed all entries made by this date, we can tell you which GCSE qualifications/modules will not be available.

Qualification title

Qualification code

GCSE Religious Studies: Short Course (Paper 1 Buddhism only – all other options available)


GCSE Religious Studies A (Paper 1 component 2: Catholic Christianity only – all other options available)


GCSE Religious Studies B: (Paper 2 section A Islam only – all other options available)


GCSE History (Paper 1 section B option E Conflict and tension in the Gulf and Afghanistan, 1990–2009 only – all other options available)


GCSE Art and Design: Graphic communication, Textile design, Three-dimensional design

8203/XE, 8204/XE, 8205/XE

GCSE Bengali (Foundation only)


GCSE Urdu (Foundation only)


GCSE Modern Hebrew (Foundation only)


GCSE Panjabi (Foundation only)


Unfortunately, we’re unable to actually close the entries for these subjects on our system. So, if you’ve entered for a subject that’s no longer available, we’ll contact you to let you know, and ask you to withdraw it.