Autumn series papers

Wednesday 23 Sep 2020

This autumn series we’ll be using the papers we printed for the planned summer exams. This means the papers will have the original exam date and time printed on the front cover, but we’ll add a label to the question paper packets to show the date and time of the autumn series exam.

Exams officers will be able to select the packs for the exam in the usual way by checking the component, date and time of the exam against the exam timetable as they would usually do before opening the packs. Inside the packet, the label will also contain a reminder notice that the question papers will be dated as per the summer schedule to avoid confusion once the pack has been opened immediately before the exam.

To support with the pre-exam checks, we’ve also published a table showing the original summer date and time alongside the autumn series date and time, so exams officers can verify that they’ve selected the correct packet for the exam.

We’ve also produced some posters that can be displayed in schools or colleges on the day of the exam, to help students to confirm that they have been given the correct paper.