Changes to question paper format for summer 2020

Tuesday 11 Feb 2020

In summer 2019 we successfully piloted a change of format for some of our question papers by providing additional lined pages at the end of the papers for students to use if they run out of space for a question. We’re now including additional lined pages for the majority of our standard question papers for summer 2020.

New format papers:

  • Students shouldn’t need to use additional answer books.
  • If additional answer books are used, please place these inside the original answer booklet at the end of the exam.
  • Word processed scripts will need to be completed on a separate document for each component following the instructions provided in section 14 of JCQ’s Instructions for conducting exams (ICE) booklet.

Additional material produced by a student will be scanned with the rest of their script and marked on screen. To help with this, please do not remove blank pages from any standard or modified papers.

Some exams for History, Religious Studies and Further Maths will have two separate papers. Although some are sat in the same exam session, students must complete any additional work in the relevant additional lined pages for each separate component. Where we can’t provide papers in the new format, including A3 modified and Braille, students should continue to use the additional answer books.