Changes to summer 2020 exam timetable

Thursday 7 Nov 2019

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have today released a notice to centres about changes to the GCSE and A-level summer 2020 exam timetables.

For AQA exams, the changes affect two dates in summer 2020 – Wednesday 3 June and Wednesday 10 June.

  • On 3 and 10 June 2020: all exams (including A-level maths) originally scheduled in the mornings will change to the afternoon.
  • On 3 and 10 June 2020: all exams scheduled in the afternoon will change to the morning.

If students have exam clashes on these dates, the A-level maths papers which have been rescheduled to the afternoon can’t be moved to the morning session. For more information, see your questions answered.

The May/June 2020 timetables have been updated on our website to reflect this change. Summer 2020 series basedata will be available from Monday 11 November.

The JCQ awarding bodies have made the changes to mitigate the risk of exam paper breaches and ensure fairness for all students. The decision to move A-level maths exams supports the additional measures awarding bodies will be implementing to enhance the security of high stakes assessments.

If you have any further questions, please contact the exams officer services team