Entry fees for summer 2021

Friday 22 Jan 2021

Update: We understand the financial pressures that schools and colleges are under – so, if they’d prefer, we’d be happy for them to pay 50% of the published fees now and, when we know what our final costs are, we’ll ask them for the difference. It’s likely that this would be in the summer term.

18 January, 2021

We’ve published our entry fees for the summer 2021 series. Because of the events of this year, we’re a little bit later than usual publishing these.

We wanted to wait for some clarity on the arrangements for these exams to make sure we could understand the costs involved and then price our qualifications appropriately for our schools and colleges.

The details for summer 2021 are still being confirmed, and the latest developments mean we still don’t know what the summer is going to cost. But we do know that schools need to budget for their entries, so we feel that the simplest option is to set fees at the level we were planning to if exams had gone ahead as usual.

However, as we’ve said before, we’d never want to profit from the current challenging circumstances. So we’ll make sure we give any money we don’t need back to schools and colleges, just as we did in summer 2020 when we returned £42 million.

Our overall aim is to keep our prices competitive, while taking account of the extraordinary circumstances which are leading to increased costs.

While we don’t yet know how grades will be awarded this summer, please continue to make entries as usual, as students will only receive grades if they’ve been entered into the summer series. The entry deadline is 21 February.

Find all the information you’ll need on entry fees, and deadlines for entries.