GCSE and A-level MFL change to speaking tests window for summer 2019

Wednesday 17 Oct 2018

As Easter is late in 2019, the speaking test window has been extended from a period of five weeks to seven weeks. This allows for the Easter holidays when it will not be possible for speaking tests to take place.

  • GCSE speaking test window 1 April - 17 May 2019
  • AS and A-level speaking test window 8 April - 24 May 2019

To comply with the regulatory requirement that schools/colleges conduct tests within a period of up to five weeks in a given exams series, you must use a maximum of only five weeks of the seven-week period for conducting your tests.

Schools/colleges must ensure that this regulatory requirement is met and that any staff conducting the tests are aware of the rules around the test period. Please be aware that any breaches of this requirement will be considered as malpractice.

The May/June 2019 exam timetables have been updated to reflect this change.