Review of marking request for papers with multiple booklets

Wednesday 4 Jul 2018

This summer a number of qualifications had question papers split into multiple components with individual answer booklets.

When requesting a review of marking for these papers, remember to select all of the components for that paper which you wish to be reviewed.

We charge a single fee per request for each paper. If you select both components for that paper, you’ll only be charged once. However, if you request a review of marking for individual components at different times, you’ll be charged for each request.

This applies to:

  • GCSE History Paper 1
  • GCSE History Paper 2
  • GCSE Religious Studies Specification A Paper 1
  • GCSE Religious Studies Specification B Paper 2
  • GCSE Religious Studies Short Course
  • A level Physics Paper 3
  • AS Further Mathematics Paper 2