Exam papers and stationery

We'll send you the exam materials and some of the stationery you'll need for exam day. You and your students might need to provide other stationery yourselves.

You must have a secure storage area where you can store confidential exam materials such as question papers, answer booklets and supplementary booklets and sheets. See the requirements in JCQ's instructions for conducting examinations.

What you provide

You'll need to provide certain stationery to students on exam day (in addition to what we'll send you). There's more about this in the stationery summary lists on the Secure Key Materials (SKM) area of e-AQA. It's also important that you check the instructions in your question paper pack to make sure you're providing everything students need.

Order stationery, anthologies and booklets

What we send you

We'll send you exam materials throughout the year. There are three types of exam materials we'll send to you:

  1. stationery and forms, which we'll send based on your entries
  2. early question papers that we send or make available to you before exam day (sometimes called preliminary or pre-release)
  3. exam day question papers and answer booklets.

Please notify us immediately by emailing irregularities-n@aqa.org.uk if a parcel or one of the packets has been opened during transit and therefore there may have been a breach of security. Please also tell us if material has been significantly damaged in transit or upon opening.

The tables below show everything we'll send you by date. For early exam materials, you can also use our early question paper dates.

Confidential materials by date 2018/19

When we'll send it to youQuestion paper typeDo we send this from estimated entries only?Exams seriesExam / pre-release issue date

Mid to late September

(Pack 1)

Functional Skills pre-releaseYes18BG11 October 2018

Mid-October (before half term)

(Pack 2)

GCSE and Functional Skills papersNo18BG5–12 November 2018

Functional Skills pre-release

Yes191A1 December 2018

Mid to late October

(Pack 20)

GCSE International papersNo18BY5–16 November 2018
International speaking testNo18BY15 October–16 November 2018

Early December

(before Christmas)

(Pack 3)

Functional Skills papersNo191A14–15 January 2019
Applied General papersNo191A16–25 January 2019
Functional Skills pre-releaseYes193G3 February 2019
GCSE pre-releaseYes196G2 January 2019
GCE pre-releaseYes196A1 February 2019

Early December

(before Christmas)

(Pack 21)

GCE International papersNo191X14–25 January 2019

Early December (before Christmas)

(Pack 30)

TVQ papersNoJan 1914–25 January 2019

Late January to early February

(before half term)

(Pack 4)

Functional Skills papersNo193G25–26 February 2019
GCSE pre-releaseYes196G21 March 2019
GCE pre-releaseYes196A1 March 2019

Mid to late March

(before Easter)

(Pack 5)

Functional Skills pre-releaseNo196A16 April 2019
GCE/FSMQ pre-releaseNo196A22 April–10 May 2019
GCE MFL speaking testsNo196A23 April–24 May 2019
GCSE MFL speaking testsNo196G15 April–17 May 2019

Mid to late March

(before Easter)

(Pack 22)

International speaking test

No196Y8 April–10 May 2019
GCE International papersNo196X7–31 May 2019
GCSE International papersNo196Y7–31 May 2019

Late March to early April

(Pack 6)

GCE International papersNo196A10–20 May 2019
GCSE papersNo196G
Functional Skills papersNo196A

Mid to late April

(after Easter)

(Pack 7)

GCE/FSMQ/L3 papersNo196A21 May–4 June 2019
GCSE and FSMQ papersNo196G

Late April

(Pack 31)

Summer TVQ papersNoSummer 1913 May–7 June 2019

Late April to mid-May

(Pack 8)

GCE papersNo196X5–14 June 2019
GCSE papersNo196G


(Pack 23

GCE International papersNo196X3–27 June 2019
GCSE International papersNo196Y3–6 June 2019

Mid to late May

(after half term)

(Pack 9)

GCE papersNo196A17–25 June 2019
GCSE papersNo196G

Non-confidential materials by date 2018/19

When we'll send it to youItemExams series

From early September. Sent on request via order form

GCSE and AS/A-level AQA English Anthologies (printed version)


From early September. Sent on request via order form

A-level Maths and Statistics Formulae and Statistical Tables booklet (printed version)


Mid-October (before half term)

Attendance records



Attendance records


Mid-October (before half term)

Stationery: includes additional answer books (SLAB4), graph paper, S1 script sacks, S3 coursework sacks



Stationery: includes additional answer books (SLAB4 Oxford), graph paper, S1 Oxford script sacks, S3 Oxford coursework sacks


Late OctoberNLL yellow exam dispatch labels (fixed address and blank stationery)


Late October

NLL white exam dispatch labels (fixed address and blank stationery)