Tech-level points and grades

Information on points and grades for Tech-level qualifications.

Grade boundaries or the way in which unit-level results aggregate to a qualification grade may be subject to change, to maintain standards over time.


Tech-levels have three types of unit:

  • externally set and marked assignments
  • internal assessments
  • externally set and marked examinations (written papers).

Units are graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction (or Ungraded). For external assignments and written papers there is also a ‘near pass’ (notional N). These grades are converted to points and only the points scores shown in the table are awarded.

Near pass 27
Pass 36
Merit 54
Distinction 72

Written papers

Written papers are given a raw mark (maximum of 80). Grade boundaries are then set after all the papers have been marked.

Students’ raw marks are converted to points, using the grade boundaries which have been set. For example, if the Pass boundary is 23 raw marks and the Merit boundary is 39 raw marks, a student with a mark between 23 and 38 inclusive will receive 36 points.

Near pass (notional N)

For a written paper the raw mark notional N boundary is set according to a formula: it is placed at half a grade width below Pass or at half of the distance between zero and Pass, whichever is higher.

On an external assignment a student will be awarded notional N, and score 27 points, if he/she achieved all but one of the pass criteria for a unit.

There is no notional N on internally assessed units.

Where a student is awarded notional N, the unit grade will still be reported as grade U since N has no status except in terms of the student’s eligibility for the overall qualification grade.

In a four unit qualification, a student will be eligible to pass even if he/she has a notional N on one unit (but has passed all of the other units). In a six or eight unit qualification a student may have notional N on two units and in a twelve-unit qualification a student may have notional N on three units.