Changes to NEA administration for A-level History

Friday 5 Oct 2018

We’ve made a few changes to administration of non-exam assessment (NEA) for A-level History specification (7042/C).

NEA title approval form now compulsory

For NEA submitted in summer 2019 and onwards, we’re removing the mandatory ‘NEA topic proposal form’ and making the ‘NEA title approval form' compulsory. This means that schools and colleges will only need to submit one form before students write their NEA.

The NEA title approval form should be sent to your NEA adviser by 20 October for review in advance of submission.

Changes to Candidate Record forms (CRFs)

For NEA submitted in summer 2019 and onwards, schools/colleges will need to submit candidate record forms for all students entered for A-level History, regardless of whether they are in the moderation sample or not.

You will still need to submit a signed centre declaration sheet.

If you have any further questions, please contact our History customer support team or call 0161 958 3861.