Additional funding for students studying post-16 Maths

Thursday 14 Jun 2018

Additional funding for students studying advanced post-16 Maths

To help increase the number of students embarking in studies for advanced post-16 Maths, the Advanced Maths Premium funding is available for the next three years.

This additional funding will increase the opportunity and choice for more students to take maths at AS or A-level, potentially alongside further maths. Those who do not choose A-level Maths will be able to study Level 3 Mathematical Studies (Core Maths), including those who wish to go on to study non-mathematical degrees that still require good quantitative skills.

You can find out more information and guidance on the eligibility criteria at

Which students should study Core Maths?

Many students who achieve grade 4/C (or higher) in GCSE Maths feel that continuing to A-level Maths would not be for them. However, they can see the value in continuing with maths study.

Core Maths offers an opportunity for many more students to study maths at Level 3. It encourages students to continue practising maths skills that are valued in higher education courses that extend beyond the mathematical and physical sciences to the social sciences, humanities and creative arts.

Interested in our Level 3 Mathematical Studies?

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