Andrew Hall's message to all AQA students

Published: Thursday 15 Aug 2013

Andrew Hall, AQA's Chief Executive, has this message for all AQA students.

"I hope you get the results you set out to achieve, and that it will be a time of celebration for you, your teachers and family.

"Of course, some of you may not have done as well as you hoped or expected. I appreciate how difficult this can be and how disappointed you might feel. The best advice I can give you is to speak to your teachers as soon as possible – they will be able to help and support you in your next steps.

"Last month I took part in an online Q&A session with students on The Student Room website which was a good reminder about what matters to students and how much effort you put into preparing for exams. I'm sure many of you will know that qualifications are changing.  This happens from time to time, but it doesn't take away from the value of the A-levels and GCSEs you have taken this summer, or the hard work that you and your teachers have put in. So congratulations and good luck in whatever you decide to do next."

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