AQA Level 1/2 Certificates in performance measure tables

Friday 24 Oct 2014

Following the recent publication of updated information in October 2014, which categorised our Level 1/2 (IGCSE-style) Certificates in English Language and English Literature and our Level 2 certificate in Further Mathematics as “subject to the rule that only two non-GCSEs can count in the 2014 and 2015 performance tables”, we have now received formal confirmation from DfE that these qualifications taken in 2015 and 2016 will be seen as strict equivalents to GCSEs and will fully count in performance measures without restriction.

To ensure that all eligible qualifications are counted in the headline measures, DfE are removing them from the lists of non-GCSE qualifications that count in the Key Stage 4 performance tables. They will remain only on the Ebacc list and therefore will count in performance measures in the same way as other qualifications on this list. DfE will amend the Ebacc list shortly to reflect this change.

This means that in 2015 and 2016 performance tables, the Level 1/2 Certificates in English Literature, English Language and level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics will count in the Ebacc measure, the English and Mathematics measure and additionally they will count in the respective English and Mathematics slots in the Progress/Attainment 8 measure where they double count, subject to the same entry requirements as for GCSEs*. 

We appreciate some schools and colleges will be disappointed that this decision has not also been applied to these qualifications for performance measures for 2014.

Please be aware that the ‘early entry’ pathway restrictions will apply in relation to KS4 performance measures. See the RAISEonline document library (click on ‘Further details of revised performance tables qualifications, discount rules & early entrance guidance from 2014’).

For 2016 the following AQA Level 1/2 Certificates will also be added to the Ebacc list: Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science: Double Award, French, German and Spanish.

Please note: The only English and Mathematics qualifications that will count in the 2017 secondary school performance tables will be reformed GCSEs in those subjects or qualifications reformed to meet the same standards and expectations. The current arrangements for recognising other academic qualifications, such as Level 1/2 Certificates (sometimes known as IGCSEs) will end with the introduction of reformed GCSEs. Level 1/2 Certificates in English and Mathematics will not be included in the 2017 performance tables (due to be published in January 2018). Similarly, Level 1/ 2 Certificates in subjects being reformed for first teaching from September 2016 (including History, Geography, Languages and the sciences) will not be included in the 2018 performance tables.

*For 2014 and 2015, where the English Language and English Literature GCSE/iGCSE option is chosen, exams in both must be taken (although not necessarily provided by the same exam board), and a C grade or above achieved in English Language, and an A*-G grade or U awarded in English Literature. In 2016 English Literature can also count in English specific measures if a pupil obtains a grade A*-C in English Literature and a grade A*-G or U grade in English Language. In Attainment and Progress 8 measures, the highest grade of English Language or English Literature will be double weighted, provided the pupil has taken both subjects.