AQA says new qualifications an opportunity to improve

Published: Friday 14 Mar 2014

Changes being made to GCSEs and A-levels offer exam boards a 'rare opportunity' to ensure that students get the right results, according to AQA, an education charity and leading provider of qualifications.

AQA sets the papers for around half of all GCSEs and A-levels and its Centre for Education Research and Practice is a leading international authority on assessment, and shares its research with the academic and education community.

Andrew Hall, Chief Executive of AQA, said: "We understand that getting the right results is the top priority for students and their teachers. Our research tells us that dealing with the root causes of poor marking is critical and that means starting with the design of the qualification, the question paper and the mark scheme guidance. These all have to work well and if they don't, then there is only so much you can do to put that right further down the line.

"That's why we think the introduction of the new qualifications offers exam boards a rare opportunity to stand back, look at all the research and design new qualifications that will raise the bar even higher. AQA intends to take this opportunity with both hands."

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