AQA supports British Science Week 2016

Friday 11 Mar 2016

Our science experts are supporting British Science Week 2016 by sharing their views on the importance of the subject in today's world.

Stella Paes, Head of AQA Science:

"Teaching secondary science is the best job in the world. I think that science teaching should create learning opportunities that motivate and challenge students to reach out, mentally, to solve problems. Our world is a scientific one and we need students to be critical consumers of this knowledge so that they can make informed decisions."

Ed Walsh, Lead Consultant for Science, Cornwall Learning:

"Science is more important now than ever before – the big challenges facing humanity are ones like supplying enough energy, providing clean water and giving us a way of tackling disease and infection and science has a key role in all of these. We won't be able to do this, though, unless we know which ideas we can trust. Sorting that out is the skill of a good scientist."

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