AQA’s new GCSE Economics focuses on real-world issues

Published: Tuesday 31 May 2016

AQA has launched its new draft GCSE Economics specification. Students will study traditional economics, whilst exploring contemporary and relevant topics and issues.

Students will investigate real-world national and global economic situations and issues from the last 15 years. The flexibility of the course will allow them to study examples from the present alongside those from the past. For example, they could study the recent stock market crash or the rise of digital currency.

As part of the qualification, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of how markets work, how the economy can be managed, and the associated moral and ethical issues. They will also learn how to use economic terms and concepts to investigate and explain economic behaviour.

Helen Burden, AQA Qualifications Developer, said:

"By focusing on real-world economic issues, students will gain an understanding of policies that governments have to try and manage these situations. Students will also look at the bigger picture of the global economy and the causes and consequences of the choices we all make and the impacts these have on all our lives."

Our GCSE Economics, which will be available to teach from September 2017, has been submitted to the regulator Ofqual for accreditation.

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