AS, A-level and GCSE languages: autumn 2020 series guidance

Wednesday 26 Aug 2020

Ofqual has confirmed that any student unable to receive a result in summer 2020 and others who would like to improve their grades will have an opportunity to take the full suite of GCSE, AS and A-level exams in the autumn.

We know that some students may be considering taking GCSE, AS and A-level languages qualifications which are being offered in the autumn 2020 series.

MFL instructions for the conduct of the exams (ICE)

A reminder to all teachers preparing students for exams in AQA GCSE, AS and A-level languages qualifications, you must download and read the MFL instructions for the conduct of the autumn 2020 exams (ICE) guidance.

There’s an ICE booklet for:

The documents can be found in the Assess tab on our qualifications pages.

A copy of this instructions booklet must be available in every room where MFL exams are taking place in summer. Detailed guidance on important aspects of the exams is provided in the booklet, including key information around security of the exam.

You and your students will need to prepare for all elements of the exam papers, as they’ll be the same as in a normal exam series. Ofqual has confirmed that for this series, grades will be based on exam performance alone, with no non-exam assessment (NEA), so there will be no Speaking components.

The deadline to submit autumn 2020 entries is 4 September (AS and A-level) and 18 September (GCSE).

Latest versions of the November 2020 timetables can be found on our exams administration pages.