At last - online practical support for teachers on exam change

Tuesday 25 Jun 2013

To help teachers get to grips with all the changes to GCSEs and A-level exams, AQA is running a unique week of online events offering support and advice.

The first in the Exam Change Essentials series of three question and answer sessions starts today and runs from 3-6pm. Each session will explore a different aspect of the changes and teachers can also put questions to a panel of AQA experts. Questions can be submitted on the site at any time with over 130 to date - popular topics include:

  • how can I keep students engaged as exams switch from modular to linear?
  • how do I know my students are on track – how do I measure their progression?
  • do I need to ditch all my old teaching resources and find new ones?
  • do I need to re-structure my teaching?

Andrew Hall, Chief Executive of AQA, said: "At AQA, we are committed to supporting teachers through change so they can focus on their students. Talking to the teachers we work with, we know that they are keen on practical ideas on how to prepare for next term as well as understand the  wide-ranging reforms on the horizon. We know that teachers will have a lot on their plate with GCSE and A-level changes, which is why we've brought all our help and support together in one place. "

Exam Change Essentials programme of events:

  • 25 June: Ready for linear assessment
  • 26 June: Engaging students
  • 27 June: Finding help and resources
  • 04 July: State of play - a review of all the week's hot topics in one place

Each session is accompanied by a short video introducing the theme, and showing how different schools are getting ready for the changes. Questions and answers will also be available on the main AQA website.