Changes to GCSE Drama sample question paper for Component 1

Monday 16 Apr 2018

We’ve made a minor change to the Component 1 sample question paper for GCSE Drama (8261). This update changes the way students respond to the first four questions on the exam paper, which are multiple-choice questions.

In the original sample paper, students were asked to shade a lozenge next to the correct answer. In the revised sample paper, students are instead asked to write the number of the question and the letter that corresponds to the correct answer in their AQA answer booklet. For example, when answering the first question, students would write 01: B in their answer booklet.

Please let your students know about this change and make sure they know how to record their answers before the exam on Friday 18 May. You can view the updated sample assessment paper under assessment resources.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our customer support team on 01483 556 301, or email us at