Changes to GCSE English Literature (8702) summer 2018 exam materials

Published: Wednesday 11 Apr 2018

We recently released a new set of sample papers and mark schemes for GCSE English Literature (8702) on Secure Key Materials (SKM), which included a minor change to the wording of the mark scheme. We’ve updated the mark scheme to match the wording used in the corresponding assessment objective. This won’t affect the way you need to teach the specification and prepare your students.

The AO2 assessment objective is all about the methods used by the writer to create meanings and effects. To be consistent with the wording of AO2, we’ve replaced 'effects of writer’s methods on the reader' with 'effects of writer’s methods to create meanings' where it appears in the mark scheme.

For more help and support in understanding what is required for AO2, please look at our sample assessment materials in SKM on e-AQA.

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