China looks to the UK for assessment expertise

Friday 18 Sep 2015

AQA will take UK education expertise to China with a major programme to help Chinese schools assess science and maths.

AQA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Society of Education (CSE) - China's leading academic educational organisation and a major influencer of education and teaching reform.

The aim of the collaboration is to share UK best practice in the assessment of science and maths that encourages teaching of critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. The initiative is intended to support the development of China's high school curriculum reform programme.

The training programme is due to launch in autumn 2016. It will initially be delivered to some 50 schools in Beijing and Shanghai, with the potential to expand to other Chinese provinces. Teacher trainers from the UK will travel to both cities, and Chinese teachers will visit the UK to see assessment in action.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by AQA's Chief Executive, Andrew Hall, and Professor Yang Nianlu, Secretary General of the Chinese Society of Education, at a meeting in London as part of a major visit by a Chinese delegation to the UK.

Andrew Hall said: "We're often encouraged to look to China for education inspiration – and I'm pleased that our Chinese colleagues clearly feel there's a lot of valuable expertise here in the UK too. It's good to be reminded that we all have much to share. With China an important partner for the UK, we're delighted to be exchanging expertise with colleagues there and helping to strengthen education links between our two countries."

Professor Yang Nianlu said: "In the area of secondary education, both China and the UK have their own unique strengths in terms of educational concepts, methods, curriculum design and style of teaching. Yet we have much to learn from each other. Our work with AQA will help develop expertise in China's high school assessment system through sharing UK best practice across the sector and introducing different teaching concepts, policies and methods into China. There is no doubt that China's high school system will benefit so that Chinese high school students will be motivated and, importantly, have options to choose from; this will surely have far-reaching significance in cultivating the next generation of students in China.

"CSE, as one of China's earliest, largest and most influential academic educational organizations,is delighted to work together with AQA to play a greater role in educational exchanges between China and the UK."

As a charity, AQA's purpose is to advance education. AQA's Centre for Education Research and Practice (CERP) is a leading international authority on assessment in education. It shares its expertise in the UK and internationally.

In May, AQA launched Oxford International AQA Exams - a joint venture with Oxford University Press which will deliver GCSEs and A-levels to international schools overseas.