Delay in first teaching for new Design and Technology GCSE

Tuesday 20 Jan 2015

On Friday 16 January the DfE announced that the reform of GCSE Design and Technology will be delayed by a year. The reasons for this are outlined on the DfE website.

This means that first teaching of the new GCSE will now take place from September 2017, not September 2016, as previously advised. As a result, our existing specifications will continue to be available until the summer of 2018.

We are supportive of the reasons for this delay and believe it provides us with the opportunity to further engage with stakeholders and ensure that we develop the best possible specification for you and your students.

We anticipate that the new GCSE in Cooking and Nutrition will continue to be developed for first teaching in September 2016, with first assessments in the summer of 2018.

We will communicate more information in due course, but if you have any questions about this announcement, please contact the D&T customer support team on 0161 957 3334 or email