ELC Step Up to English: new NEA topics

Published: Tuesday 11 Jan 2022

Each year we replace one of the non-exam assessment (NEA) tasks for each component as outlined in section 5.4.1 of the specification.

For the 2022 assessments we’ve introduced two new NEA topics: 

  • Component 1 Style
  • Component 2 Crime

These can be found in Centre Services and each has a scheme of work available in teaching resources on our website.

NEA topics being removed after 2022

  • Component 1 Detectives
  • Component 2 Sport

These topics have one year’s shelf life remaining and are valid for submission in January and June 2022 only. They’ll be removed after the 2022 assessments.

NEA topics we’ve removed 

  • Component 1 Media
  • Component 2 Fashion

These topics have now expired, after summer 2021, and are no longer valid for submission. You can still use these as practice/mock assessments for your students.

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