New Engineering GCSE builds vital skills

Published: Friday 27 May 2016

AQA has unveiled plans for its new Engineering GCSE, which will equip students with detailed knowledge of the subject – and help them to develop skills that can be used in a wide range of careers.

The new course builds on AQA's existing popular GCSE. Students will gain a broad knowledge of engineering and also study specific disciplines including mechanical, structural and electronic engineering.

Students will also develop valuable transferable skills such as problem-solving, safety and computer-aided design, which can be applied in many different careers.

The content of the new specification is more detailed and clearly defined, with explicit parameters to support and guide teachers and students through both old and new topics.

The GCSE will lay a firm foundation for progression to further study in either technical or academic qualifications, and an eventual career in engineering.

Suzanne Oates, AQA Qualifications Developer, said: "We often hear about the skills shortage in the engineering sector and how this is damaging the UK's economy. We're helping to tackle that with this new GCSE, which will bring the subject alive and make it appealing to a new generation. It will equip students with the skills they'll need if they want to pursue a career in engineering, but they'll also learn some important transferable skills that will be useful in any walk of life."

The draft plans for the new GCSE have been submitted to Ofqual for accreditation.

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