Exams are over, so what happens next?

Tuesday 26 Jun 2018

Exams have finished for the summer, so we hope everyone enjoys a very well-earned break. In the meantime, we’ll be working hard to prepare for the results days in August, so here’s what happens next…

The answer booklets – called 'scripts' – are marked by our examiners, who are mostly current teachers. They'll mark the scripts either manually or on screen, depending on the subject. We train the examiners on how to use the mark scheme correctly and how to mark to the right standard.

We check samples of scripts as they're being marked to make sure examiners are marking accurately and consistently. We also set hidden 'test' questions for examiners marking on screen. This means that, if any examiner isn't getting it right, we can step in straight away – either providing more training, or giving the scripts to a different examiner to be marked.

After the scripts have been marked, the next stage is 'awarding' – that’s where we set the grade boundaries which will determine the grades that each student will be awarded.

We’ll be providing regular updates and facts and figures over the summer – follow us @AQA to find out more.