GCSE and A-level Art and Design: arrangements for autumn 2021 series

Thursday 12 Aug 2021

Ofqual has confirmed that any student unable to receive an assessed grade in summer 2021 or who would like to improve their grades, will have an opportunity to take their GCSE and A-level exams in the autumn series.

Here’s how the GCSE and A-level Art and Design assessments will work for autumn 2021.

  • Students will only need to complete Component 2 for the autumn 2021 series.
  • Component 2 will be completed in the normal way with externally set assignments being released, followed by the preparatory period and then the 10 hours (GCSE) and 15 hours (A-level) supervised time.
  • The externally set assignments will be released on centre services and secure key materials (SKM) only - we won’t send you any paper copies. The assignments will be available to teachers and exams officers on centre services and SKM from:
    • 10 August 2021 (A-level)
    • 12 August 2021 (GCSE)
  • Students must start and complete a new task for the autumn 2021 series, they can’t use any previous work.
  • The work will be examined not moderated, so you don’t need to mark students’ work.
  • You’ll need to submit all students’ work to us by post to be assessed.


Entry closing date is 8 September 2021

Externally set assignment submission date is 30 October 2021


Entry closing date is 4 October 2021

Externally set assignment submission date is 13 November 2021

The candidate record form has been combined with the centre declaration sheet for this autumn series, and you’ll need to complete one form for each student. The form can be found on our 2021/22 record forms pages.

We’ll send stationery materials to schools and colleges in the autumn 2021 term.