GCSE and A-level PE: NEA changes for 2022 exams

Monday 12 Jul 2021

Ofqual has published the arrangements for non-exam assessment (NEA) and fieldwork for students entering for exams in 2022. We know how important it is for you to know what this means for PE. We’re still working through some of the details on this, but we can confirm:

  • at GCSE, students will be assessed in two activities rather than three. These can be two individual activities, two team activities or one of each
  • at GCSE and A-level, there are no planned changes to the written element of the NEA, the performance analysis assessment.

We know that you’re keen to know more about the moderation process for 2022. We’re currently exploring whether it will be possible to safely offer moderation visits, and we intend to give you further information and guidance on this at the start of the autumn term. In the meantime, and in light of the past year’s restrictions and any future ones, we strongly recommend that you collect video evidence of your students’ performances wherever possible.

Ofqual is planning a consultation on summer 2022 to cover further adaptations for 2022 and contingency plans. We’ll provide further updates and guidance about the summer 2022 exams as soon as we are able to.