GCSE English Language assessment guide now available

Monday 26 Sep 2016

Realistic practice questions with engaging source material are key to preparing students for assessment. That’s why we’ve put together three very different sets of papers you can use for mocks and practice questions, all of an exam-appropriate level.

To help you decide which of these sets to use, we’ve produced a handy reference guide to our GCSE English Language papers. Each specimen question has its own unique focus and challenges, and this guide will help you navigate them.

View our GCSE English Language Specimen Assessment Materials guide

Use the reference guide to:

  • understand the style and standard of our GCSE exam questions
  • choose source material that has the right demand and flavour for your students
  • identify the right example questions to use at the right time in your scheme of work.

These papers are also a great help when creating your own resources or support material – this guide will give you ideas and a place to start.