GCSE English Language mocks: we've got you covered

Monday 31 Oct 2016

We’re pleased to share our brand new GCSE English Language (8700) practice papers, developed by our team of assessment experts.

They’re perfect for mock exams as they’re the same quality you'd expect from our live papers. You can be confident that they reflect the same balance, approach and expected standard as the live papers that students will sit next summer.

The new practice papers are:

  • free to download
  • held securely on our secure extranet so your students can’t access them
  • accompanied by mark schemes that give insight into the levels of response that our examiners will be trained to look for
  • complemented by fully annotated student responses for each level of the mark scheme, to help you mark your students' work consistently.

Upload your students' results and see the bigger picture

We're working with Exampro to bring you a new marks comparison platform similar to our Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA), where you can upload your students' results for these papers and compare their performance nationally. We'll share more details on this soon!


It's crucial that you treat these papers as you would live question papers. Keeping them confidential means that any results data entered into the platform stays valid and reliable.

This means you'll need to:

  • keep the papers secure and locked away
  • make sure your students work on the papers under exam conditions
  • collect all papers at the end of the mock exam. Not all schools will run mocks on the same day, so it's important to keep the papers as confidential as possible until all schools' marks have been uploaded
  • make sure students complete both papers. Students will need to have prepared well enough to attempt to answer all of the questions.

If these papers are shared on social media, it could compromise the validity of students’ results, and subsequently the analysis of individual schools’ performance.

Get straight to the papers

To make sure your students can't access these papers, they're in the Secure Key Materials (SKM) section of our secure extranet, e-AQA. They’re under GCSE > English > English Language (new specification) > Specimen Assessment Materials 4.

If you don’t already have e-AQA login details, talk to your exams officer today or see our e-AQA support page.

Get in touch

Let us know if you have any questions – we're happy to help. Get in touch on 0161 953 7504 or email English-gcse@aqa.org.uk for advice and support.