GCSE English Literature summer 2021 timetables and entry codes

Tuesday 1 Dec 2020

Changes to GCSE English Literature (8702) exams for 2021 means that students entered for these exams next summer will be taking re-structured papers. Students will enter for two out of three option papers (Paper 1) and all students will be assessed on a compulsory Paper 2.

The exam time for these papers has been altered and the entry codes have changed.

May/June 2021 exam timetable

The 2021 timetable sessions for GCSE English Literature  are as follows:

  • 7 June (am) – Paper 1 (two out of three optional papers)
  • 21 June (am) – Paper 2 Shakespeare and Unseen Poetry

Entry codes

The changes for 2021 also mean that the normal entry codes for GCSE English Literature will have to be changed to reflect the new entry route combinations. The entry code won’t be just 8702 but will now indicate the two texts that the student has covered.

New entry codes for 2021:

  • 8702/NM – 19th century novel and the modern prose/drama
  • 8702/PM – poetry anthology and the modern prose/drama
  • 8702/PN – poetry anthology and the 19th century novel

To make entries:

  • for Paper 1 the two optional components must be selected at the point of entry in February – students won’t be able to choose which studies to do on the day of the exam.
  • within the same school or college, students can be entered for different routes.

We’ll let exams officers know when they can make entries.

For more information please visit our entries pages.